Art by Nature, by Jamie Kirkpatrick


Paperback (perfect bound).

58 pages, A5 size (landscape format).

Colour (magazine style printing).

Published by Bright South, 2018.

ISBN: 978-0-6481798-2-5

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Art by Nature is a reflection on reflection, asking the question, ‘does all human art mimic nature?’ Featuring photographs and short texts by Jamie Kirkpatrick, Professor, the author of many erudite scientific works and useful books about Tasmania’s biodiversity. What often comes across in these is by no means dry, but, rather, a love of language. Jamie has a direct and down to earth way of saying things that will often leave readers laughing out loud at the blatant stupidity and bizarre contradictions characteristic of humans. Not only does Jamie set words loose in Art by Nature, to enriching and delightful effect, but he also offers us the opportunity to see the world through his eyes, and a surprising world it is!