Yaffler MacSweeny reviews: Philip Blake’s Shit That Was Close

Shit That Was Close cover

Yaffler just finished reading another book  not a fictional book but a real life account told through short stories about a man by the name of Philip Blake who’s originally from Ireland but now lives in Tassie. He has competed in Targa events here for a number of years and has had so many near misses in life its hard to believe but it’s all here – over 70 of them, not all moter racing. Some of them stem from his childhood and his younger years as a rock climber and mountaineer.

It is humorous and funny in the way Philip recalled his adventures in Targa and all the near misses that he had. Lot of readers male and female would enjoy and relate to the stories, with many probably knowing Philip, being a local Tassie man. The book is also educational in the way Philip explains his mistakes, in relation to some of the incidents he’s experienced, and perhaps readers will get a better understanding of our own mortality. Life is full of risks so we should make the most of it. It’s the only one we’re going to get. Signing off now, till next time then.



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