Bright South’s playlist on YouTube


1. Anne Collins in conversation with The Hobart Bookshop, about her book,¬† Listening to the Deep Song. (Read more about the book … )

2. Daniela, from Bright South, launches Tyenna, a novel for young readers by Julie Hunt and Terry Whitebeach. (Read more about the book, including Daniela’s launch speech¬† … )

3. Tim Slade recites ‘Thylacine’, a poem from his book The Walnut Tree. (Read more about the book, including some excepts. | Get the book. )


The Diver

The Diver, a short film Directed by Michael Leonard and Jamie Helmer, of Golden Moss, comes and goes from online availability. If it reappears online somewhere where you can see it, I’ll try to put a link right here, or perhaps over here, on this page. If I haven’t, but you’ve found it, it would be great if you could let me know so that I can add it.