Give Tassie Books this Christmas and Holidays

Give Tassie books this Christmas and holidays is a TasWriters initiative supported by Bright South (Bright South’s Daniela Brozek is also a member of the Board of Management of TasWriters). The flyer aims to help Tasmanian writers and those who might love their books find one-another, and increase awareness of Tasmania’s diverse stories and writing.

We hope you enjoy browsing, shopping, giving and reading the books in this year’s flyer. We would also be really appreciative if you would like to help us distribute the flyer. If this idea interests you, there are some ideas at the bottom of the page.

Please note that there are 5 pages in the below flyer, so don’t forget to click through. Or you can download a copy for offline reading or printing by using right click + ‘save as’, here.



Like to help us spread the word?

Here are some ideas on ways you could help spread the word about recent Tasmanian writing:

  • Consider asking people in your own networks if they would be willing to distribute some for you.
  • Put the flyer up on your own website/social media, or include it in your own newsletter mailings (or Christmas cards). We don’t mind whether you link it from one of our sites or just embed a copy you have saved, as long as you don’t alter it.
  • Print the flyer and ask your local library/bookshop/cafe/doctor/dentist etc. if they would be willing to display it (or perhaps they might print a few copies for you and leave them somewhere for people to browse).
  • Get in touch and let TasWriters or Bright South know if you think there’s someone who might be willing to support us but aren’t comfortable asking them yourself.
  • Note that the title of this flyer is actually ‘Give Tassie Books this Christmas and holidays’. Just because Christmas might have passed doesn’t mean you can’t still circulate it, or that people aren’t twiddling their thumbs and wondering what to read next.
  • Don’t hesitate to offer some feedback for this or future flyers (follow the link for a feedback form on TasWriter’s website).