Launch notes for Tyenna, by Julie Hunt and Terry Whitebeach

The following is based on Daniela’s launch speech for Tyenna, with The Hobart Bookshop, in March, 2022. You can read online or download (using the download button at the bottom of the page, to read offline, print, and/or share around, but please credit me if you wish to quote from or reference this material. Below …

Launch of Tyenna, by Julie Hunt and Terry Whitebeach

Tyenna launch invitation

It was an honour to be asked to ‘virtually’ launch Julie Hunt’s and Terry Whitebeach’s new children’s novel, Tyenna (published by Allen & Unwin Books). The launch was hosted by Hobart Bookshop and you can join us whenever it suits you! No need to worry about getting to the usual awkward 5.30 event timeslot, whether …

Reviews News

This one is just a quick post to refer you, dear reader, to some books I’ve reviewed recently, and not that recently. How time flies… Poetry Tilting at Time by Greg Tome, Plumwood Mountain Journal, November 2020. When Poets Write Prose, a review of recent collections by Joanne Burns, Stephanie Green and Jane Williams, Cordite, 20 …

August news

It’s been a little while since I posted anything, but that’s because I’ve been busy! Here’s a little update on a few exciting things that have been happening recently though – The Diver is going to Venice! Reviewing – Sean Rabin’s Wood Green, and TasWriters’ Hobart Writers Festival… The Diver is going to Venice! Firstly …

Review: Rachel Mead’s The Flaw in the Pattern

Rachel’ Mead’s The Flaw in the Pattern takes you on a journey ranging from Tasmania’s Overland Track to the southern ocean, and out into the great basin of Lake Eyre. Her observations are always interknitted with the intimate details of life and human relations, which allow you to see into the flaws in the patterns of everyday language.

Review: Dominique Hecq’s Hush: A Fugue

Dominique Hecq’s Hush: A Fugue is a quiet, sad, collection of poems, which, for me, really evokes the atmosphere of Melbourne. Dominique is an accomplished writer, in this volume exploring themes of loss and mourning, not only of a child, but also of her mother tongue, French.

Review: Kristen Lang’s SkinNotes

Kirsten Lang’s poems thoughtful and profound explorations of the spaces between human and nonhuman, the self and the world. Her writing speaks of the ‘vibrant matter’ of the world and give you a sense of being enmeshed in a glittering web that connects you to everything around you.