Tasmanian Poetry Festival

Tas poetry festival overview of events

Bright South has been supporting the Tasmanian Poetry Festival a little lately, including hosting their programme. Check it out, and more – get thee there! Read more… (click the heading to do so, and to activate links to the programme and TPF website)

Two new books by Jamie Kirkpatrick, and more!

Mr Caterpillar and Art by Nature, Jamie Kirkpatrick

For those who’ve lived in Tasmania, the endless campaigning to protect our unique and wonderful natural environment can all seem very serious and exhausting, yet if there is one thing all those involved in these movements will surely have in common, it’s an echo, somewhere in their memories, of Jamie Kirkpatrick’s joyous laughter. Jamie, AM, …

August news

It’s been a little while since I posted anything, but that’s because I’ve been busy! Here’s a little update on a few exciting things that have been happening recently though – The Diver is going to Venice! Reviewing – Sean Rabin’s Wood Green, and TasWriters’ Hobart Writers Festival… The Diver is going to Venice! Firstly …

Filming Golden Moss’s The Diver

Callan, in The Diver

Bright South has recently been helping Melbourne independent filmmakers Golden Moss with production of their new story. Filming has just been completed at a number of locations around the Tasman Peninsula. This was a mammoth task achieved in just 6 days, and was greatly assisted by the generosity of a number of locals, to whom we extend our heartfelt thanks. Read more …